The Piper Flyer Association was formed in 2004 with one goal in mind - to help you get the most out of owning and flying Piper aircraft.

The Piper Flyer Association (PFA) understands both the dream and the reality of owning a Piper.

We understand that underpinning the dream is a lot of hard work and determination. When you received your “ticket,” you were probably told that it was a license to learn – and you took that to heart. That desire to learn continues to be an important aspect of your Piper experience.

PFA feeds that desire for knowledge through our monthly magazine, Piper Flyer, and through seminars and other events. Recent seminars have included information about ADS-B, aviation insurance, and engine management.

We also know that you need to keep up the maintenance of your Piper to be able to keep the dream alive. Each issue of Piper Flyer includes technical and maintenance articles including, Q&A with Steve Ells, as well as current Airworthiness Directives and Aviation Alerts. Members have access to our online database of ADs and Alerts and back issue archive of articles as well as technical support via phone and email.

At the Piper Flyer Association, we help you keep the gears turning, but we also embrace the passion of flight and celebrate the joy and fun that is flying at its best.

Browse the pages of Piper Flyer magazine and you’ll find articles on fun and exciting places to fly and events to attend. You’ll read columns by authors like Thomas Block and Kevin Garrison that celebrate flight or provoke discussion.

We serve your needs with technical support and parts locating services, and we lift you up with events, camaraderie – and the best type-club magazine, bar none.

The benefits of membership are outlined on the Membership Benefits page, so take a few minutes to review them, then join us - you’ll be happy you did.