Whether it’s a sports car or an electronic device, a from-the-factory restoration can be a major selling point. It was no different for Ariel Quintela, a Florida-based pilot who was looking to move up to a twin.

From their home in Odessa, Fla., the Quintelas—Ariel, his wife Vilma and their daughter Camila—have flown with family and friends all over the United States, and often travel to their second home in North Carolina. Quintela has also been a volunteer pilot with Angel Flight since 2006.

After eight years of flying a Cessna 206, Quintela was ready to enjoy the added safety of a second engine. “Plus, we like to travel with bikes,” Quintela added. “The 206 was just [getting to be] too small.”

Quintela started researching and decided a Piper Chieftain would best suit the family’s needs.

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