Since the FAA issued AD 2023-04-08, the FAA determined that IO-470-A, -C, -F, and -LO; and TSIO-360-F and -FB model engines are also affected by the unsafe condition and should be added to the applicability. 

Additionally, the FAA determined that the limitations in the special flight permit paragraph, specifying “no metal contamination in the oil filter”, did not account for trace metal particles that may be found in newer engines due to break-in of the engine.


AD 2023-05-16 supersedes AD 2023-04-08.

If you have fully complied with AD 2023-04-08 prior to the effective date of AD 2023-05-16 your compliance is accounted for in paragraph (f) of the AD and you are not required to re-perform the required action. Record compliance accordingly.

AD 2023-05-16 did not change the required action paragraph to what is found in AD 2023-04-08.

AD 2023-05-16 is effective upon publication.