Question Installing LoPresti speed mods, Mechanic Recommendations. in the South East.

28 Mar 2023 08:06 #3894 by STEVE ELLS
Hi Seifried,
Adding LoPresti speed mods to your Seneca should be within the capabilities of a seasoned A & P. 
But it's always best to find someone who has done the installation before.
It's pretty difficult for me to recommend a specific shop for a couple of reasons--clogged schedules, a dearth of small airplane mechanics, etc. 
I do know of a very experienced A & P (her name is Kristin) that is based near the Twin Cities at KANE. She is very capable and can do the job for you.
Her contact information is: Kristin [AT] theaviatrix [DOT] com.
She is also a very experienced pilot.

Sorry I don't have a closer mechanic for you. 

Please let me know how the installation of these mods changes how your Seneca performs. In fact, that would probably be a good article for the magazine if you care to submit it. Fly enough to establish some "before" performance numbers, then do the same style of flights for some "after" numbers. Take some photos--I illustrate all my articles with pics from my cell phone--and send it to us.


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27 Mar 2023 12:48 #3893 by Mark Seifried
Hello, I was looking to get some Spats, Splitters, and maybe micro vortex generators put on my Seneca 2.  Does anyone know of a mechanic in SW Florida or SE Wisconsin to do these jobs? Many Thanks. Mark Seifried

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