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05 Mar 2023 10:28 #3875 by STEVE ELLS
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Hi Mike;
I don't have the exact distance at my finger tips for the low position of Piper adjustable seats. 

The good news is that Piper did provide both left and right side vertically adjustable seats for the PA-32-260. The parts book cites one type of seat available for PA-32-260 starting with serial number 32-1251 through 32-7400009.
There are four different part numbers for that serial number range.

A different design vertically adjustable seat was available for PA-32-260 models from serial numbers 32-7400010 and up.

I am pretty sure that Piper used the same seat rail spacing for a wide range of both its piston singles and twins.

All good salvage yards (Preferred Air Parts and Wentworth advertise with PF) offer a money back guarantee on their parts. 
I suggest you see if you can get that information from one of the salvage yard.

I can provide an exact part number of the vertically adjustable seat for your serial number PA-32-260 if you provide me with your airplane serial number.
Installing these seats is a very common upgrade. 

Please let me know what you find


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03 Mar 2023 06:50 #3871 by Mike Petros
Vertically Adjustable Seats was created by Mike Petros
Hi All, I am considering swapping my pilot seat which does not adjust vertically for one that does. We have one pilot that is 6’3” and has to lean the seat back to keep his head from touching the headliner. I’m trying to find out if the vertically adjustable seats drop any lower than the non adjustable ones. I assume they will adjust higher which will be beneficial for my wife and daughters. My plane is a 1976 PA32-260. The part number for the seat is 79592-02 which is the same for several other types of Pipers.

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