Question Update on Getting ZK-WHW in the Air

19 Aug 2019 08:34 #1913 by STEVE ELLS
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You're seeing some encouraging signs. Good to have the complete records. Keep posting updates.

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17 Aug 2019 15:48 #1912 by John Southworth
Update on Getting ZK-WHW in the Air was created by John Southworth
So work has been progressing on getting PA-31 ZK-WHW flying. As background this aircraft had been ground run only the last 6 years. It was with a small regional airline that went bust late 2018. There was a question on maintenance records and logbooks. The engines have timed out so the intention is just to fly this on private ops on condition.

I went and looked at the airframe (yes brought sight unseen). The logs and maintenance records were all available and tallied. There has been big ticket items done which was nice. Oil changed, defueled and refueled. Spark plugs pulled, checked and replaced depending on condition.

So in the last week we prepped the engines and ground started it. The engines ran with the only issue being one of the alternators not generating charge. We moved on to the airframe which looks good. The airframe has only 6700 hrs. The ADs and MSBs are being run through. If anyone has advice on the cracking AD in the tail thanks in advance.

So the 100hr and Annual seem to be progressing. Who knows maybe this will fly.

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