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12 Apr 2020 13:42 #2333 by STEVE ELLS
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Hi Joshua;
I spoke with the owner of Desser Tire about this issue. Here's what he said:
"s far as the reader with Avgas dripping on the tires, I would look and feel the tires where they the Avgas was dripping on them.

This is most likely a 50/50 toss up situation that he is in, as far as leaving it on or replacing it.

If the tire has swelled or, has gone soft( softer than the parts of the tire that was not dripped in), then it was most likely saturated and the internal casing structure has become detached from the casing body, causing the swelling. If it is soft, then the tread body has absorbed enough of the Avgas to change the cured rubber properties to be more elastic, hence the tread rubber has “broken” down from its cured state, and will not return to its original rubber state and hardness that it had when coming out of the factory.

If neither of these exist, I would personally fly with it , but be very observant with that tire on every preflight for a while, and look for the above features to appear."

Check your tire with these thoughts in mind.
If you decide you need a new tire; I recommend that you get it through either Desser or Aircraft Spruce and Specialty.
Please let me know what you find. If there's damage and it's visible, please send me a photo.


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11 Apr 2020 11:49 #2331 by Joshua Morowitz
Avgas leak on tire was created by Joshua Morowitz
I discovered a small leak from my quick drain onto the tire. The tire tread is a little distorted where the avgas dripped onto it (probably for a few days). Is there any concern for catastrophic failure of the tire due to this? Will the tire wear unevenly due to this? I would think this is a fairly common problem, but have never read anything about it? Anyone have any experience with this issue?

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