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08 Jan 2024 12:44 #4168 by STEVE ELLS
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Hi Jose;
You are not alone. The Cherokee brake system is difficult to fully bleed. An owner promised me the following method will completely bleed the brakes.

"Cherokee 6 owner in a hangar nearby checked to see how we were doing. He suggested the following method to bleed the brakes:
He had one of us sit in the left seat holding the brakes down and the other sit in the right seat pumping the brakes while also pumping the handbrake. We did this individually on both the left and right main wheel B valves. It worked! Two days later we repeated this procedure just to ensure that we had indeed removed all the air and that the brakes are firm and holding. 

Please let me know if this works.


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05 Jan 2024 10:09 #4166 by José Reyes-Hernández
Left pedal not braking was created by José Reyes-Hernández
Hello, happy new year!  

I have a PA-28-161 and have been having trouble with the left brake pedal. It does not have any pressure. After trial and error two mechanics suggested to replace the entire brake assembly and service all master cylinders. After the replacement with two brand new brake assembly and maintenance to the master cylinders, i had no problems for about a month. Again I have no pressure on the left pedal and there are no leaks. I can’t even now remember how many times we,ve bled the system thinking there might be air to no avail. 

However, if I pump the hand brake it will regain pressure for a few minutes and loose it again. We’ve been through the service manual twice to no help in this issue. 

I would appreciate any ideas on cause and/or solution you may give me. 

Best Regards to you all;


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