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16 Aug 2023 09:16 #4072 by STEVE ELLS
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Hi John,
Thanks for sending the results of your airplane refurb. It's looks fantastic. I'm flummoxed reading that the paint shop couldn't deliver what you wanted. Not completely because some designs are pretty complex and having a shop tell you honestly that they aren't sure they can deliver what is being sought is a very good practice. Better to 'fess up than it is to deliver a bad job.

Vinyl wraps seen to hold up well. I applied 12 inch N numbers on my Comanche 15 years about when I wanted to fly into Mexico and the numbers are still in very good shape. I did spend some time making sure I followed the installation instructions and am glad I did. Very satisfied. The key to a successful vinyl wrap is planning, prepping and proper application of the wrap. It's not a job that can be "whipped out" quickly.

One company here that seems to specialize in Vinyl wrap products is This one is the first I found; there may be others.

Once again, thanks for sharing the great work done on your airplane.



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13 Aug 2023 08:50 #4067 by John Southworth
Interior Refurb PA-31 Result was created by John Southworth
The interior is finished and I am proudly posting these photos, it turned out better than expected but the guys that did it are extremely professional. I chose to put wool in the front rather than leather. You sweat in summer and feel cold in winter until things get going at least and i didn't want leather for the  contact points . In terms of interior I also did the carpet, and all the liners. The liners were refinished by applying of covering which worked very well. Even if the panels are brittle, when handled with care the covering reinforces the panel and are fine.  

I have also installed the outer of the two pax window panes with a tinted and UV resistant, and same for the wind screens. All new fairings, AMSAFE Airbags in the front, Parmethesus landing and taxi with that Pulse-something controller, Rosen visors both sides, a manifold-based rear cabin heater and a repaint. 
It is a big job that shouldn't be underestimated, The repaint did not go well with the paint job unable to deliver what I wanted, that was disappointing. So I have white. My optiions are aviation grade wrap or taking it from NZ to Australia for a another coat or two. The aircraft should outlast me now(I am 56). I am still running on condition on both. 

The interior was done by Generation Global who have offices in a number of countries - highly recommend those guys. They delivered on budget, on time,

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