Now available on all Aerox® Portable Oxygen Systems!  Easily monitor your oxygen capacity in flight with a simple-to-use iOS or Android app.  The New Aerox® Cylinder Sentinel makes monitoring your oxygen system easier than ever with no external batteries or wires.  No more reaching behind the seat to check on the gauge - Simply open the Aerox® App and your device is the gauge!

The Cylinder Sentinel wirelessly pairs to your iOS or Android device to display pressure and battery remaining.  Your smartphone is now your convenient oxygen display. Intended for use with your existing Aerox Oxygen System.

  • T-FITTING INCLUDED IN KIT: Includes high-pressure T-fitting so you can keep your manual pressure gauge as a backup
  • AEROX BUNDLED: Purchase your Cylinder Sentinel pre-installed on a new oxygen cylinder from Aerox.
  • iOS ENABLED: Includes both iOS and Android apps
  • STANDARD BATTERIES: Long battery life with a CR2050 battery, monitored via the iOS app

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