These new additions will expand our fleet of  “Type Specific” AATDs.

Precision Flight Controls, a leading innovator in flight simulation technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest flight simulators: These state-of-the-art flight AATDs are set to redefine pilot training, offering an unparalleled blend of realism, accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


These two ATDs are meticulously designed to replicate the Piper Archer and Piper Seminole aircraft, A pending FAA AATD endorsement not only underscores the simulator's fidelity to real-world flying conditions but also enables pilots to log official training hours, a significant advancement in aviation training.

Key Features and Benefits:

Realistic Flight Experience: The Piper Archer and Piper Seminole boasts a flight deck complete with fully functional G1000 avionics, high-fidelity flight controls, accurate flight models, and a panoramic visual system, providing pilots with an immersive training environment.

Cost-Effective Training: By simulating real flight scenarios, the Piper Archer and Piper Seminole reduce the need for extensive aircraft usage, leading to significant cost savings in fuel, maintenance, and operational expenses.

Enhanced Safety and Cost Savings: Type-specific ATDS are even better than generic trainers that allow pilots to practice in a “No Excuse Environment” and master complex maneuvers and emergency procedures in a risk-free setting, thereby improving overall flight safety.  


Versatile Training Capabilities: Ideal for both novice and experienced pilots, the Piper Archer and Piper Seminole are perfect for initial training, instrument rating, recurrent training, and proficiency checks.

A Commitment to Excellence:

"At Precision Flight Controls, our commitment to advancing pilot training is unwavering. The Piper Archer and Piper Seminole is a testament to our dedication to innovation, quality, and safety in the aviation industry," said Mike Altman, CEO of Precision Flight Controls. "We are proud to offer additional training solutions that exceed industry standards, ensuring that pilots are exceptionally well-prepared for the demands of modern aviation."

The Piper Archer and Piper Seminole Pending FAA Approval as AATDs is now available for order and are poised to become an essential tool in flight training programs worldwide. For more information, visit or call (916) 414-1310.