Boise, ID. – AeroLEDs proudly announces the receipt of FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) No. SA04837NY. This new STC certifies the type design data necessary to pave the way for installation of a diverse range of critical lighting components on hundreds of Part 23 aircraft models. Lights listed on this STC include: POSITION LIGHTS, NAVIGATION LIGHTS, STROBE LIGHTS, and BEACON LIGHTS. This comprehensive approval combined with AeroLEDs existing STC No. SA02386AK for LED landing and taxi lights, ensures that Part 23 aircraft operators can now benefit from a complete suite of advanced LED lighting solutions.

Enhanced Visibility and Safety: AeroLEDs' position lights, navigation lights, strobe lights, and beacon lights offer enhanced visibility and safety, contributing to improved situational awareness for both pilots and ground personnel.

Advanced LED Technology: AeroLEDs deliver superior brightness, durability, reliability, and energy efficiency compared to traditional lighting systems.

Streamlined Maintenance: With reduced maintenance requirements and extended lifespan, AeroLEDs' LED lighting solutions contribute to overall ease of installation, operational efficiency, minimizing downtime and associated costs.

AeroLEDs remains at the forefront of aviation lighting innovation, continuously striving to provide top tier quality solutions that elevate safety standards within the industry.

“We are incredibly pleased to announce this FAA-STC approval for our trusted Navigation and Anti-Collision lighting systems. The extensive AML provides a solid foundation for installation on hundreds of Part 23 aircraft variants. This certification truly underscores our commitment to providing all pilots with premium lighting solutions that enhance aircraft safety and efficiency." [Ryan Edmark, Director of Sales]

AeroLEDs extends an invitation to aviation enthusiasts, operators, and industry stakeholders to discover the advantages of incorporating LED lighting solutions for their aircraft, customers, or fleets.

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