New, Easy-to-Use Single-Stage System Delivers Consistent, Colorful Finishes

in Multiple Gloss Levels

ANDOVER, KANSAS — Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings launched the 858 Series SKYscapes Single Stage Topcoat, a convenient, single-stage system for the exterior and interior surfaces of general aviation aircraft. This polyester/urethane hybrid topcoat can be applied as an overall topcoat or used as stripes, delivering a consistent, durable, colorful finish in multiple gloss levels, including an option to clearcoat.

The new 858 Series SKYscapes offers a variety of application benefits. With one mixing bank system, customers can now mix a basecoat-clearcoat or single-stage color using a simple 3:1:2 mix ratio. Four reducer options — slow, medium, fast and repair — are available to accommodate a variety of spraying conditions and climate considerations. The productivity-friendly material offers a 72-hour non-sand recoat time and long pot life of up to four hours. Additionally, the quick-drying formula allows for multiple color livery applications per day and requires no baking — the product dries at ambient temperatures.

This high-performing aerospace topcoat is available in a full solid color palette with multiple gloss levels, including full-gloss, semi-gloss and flat finishes, The 858 Series SKYscapes offers an ultra-smooth appearance with excellent flow and leveling. It’s compatible with all Sherwin-Williams Aerospace clearcoats and designed to work over all Sherwin-Williams Aerospace epoxy or urethane exterior primers.

The 858 Series SKYscapes application can handle a variety of aircraft sizes and types for added versatility and offers easy maintenance and cleanup, as well as effortless buffability.

For more information on the 858 Series SKYscapes Single Stage Topcoat, visit or call Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings at 1-888-888-5593 (North America)/ 1-316-733-7576 (international).