EDMO Distributors, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of the TBX-BOOT, a protective cover designed to shield the uAvionix tailBeaconX from damage while the aircraft is parked. Made of high visibility orange PETG plastic, the unit is customized to provide a hand-in-glove protective fit over the
tailBeaconX’s clear glass globe and dual ADS-B antennas to prevent accidental breakage.

The TBX-BOOT incorporates an easy slide-on, slide-off installation and removal. The unit installs over the ADS-B antenna “wings” and the globe and stays securely in place via a precision friction fit. The HI-VIZ orange color makes the boot easy to see and remove before flight.

In the hangar, on the ramp, or parked on the flightline - protect your valuable tailBeaconX ADS-B transponder investment with this simple, stylish, protective solution, the TBX-BOOT.
List Price: $49.95

Please visit www.edmo.com for more information.