Who Should Plan to Attend?

The FAA invites General Aviation pilots to join this workshop to help prepare for winter weather and how to operate safely in changing weather conditions. The event will cover tips for preflight, en route and post-flight actions and information for General Aviation (GA) pilots as we head into the cooler months. 1.5 WINGS credits will be offered.

What Will I Learn?

During this event, FAA GA safety expert Jamal Wilson will facilitate panel discussions with GA industry reps, pilots, air traffic controllers, labor, meteorologists and others on safety and operational concerns associated with General Aviation. The workshop panels will review runway procedures, provide information to preempt airfield errors, and ultimately focus on lowering the potential for accidents. Topics presented and discussed will include:

  • Data and Case Studies on GA Operations and Runway Events in Winter
  • Weather Briefing and Pilot Report (PIREPs) Weather
  • Safe Airport Operations in Snow and Ice
  • The Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM)
  • Wet Runway Operations and Excursions
  • Ice Buildup, Impacts at Different Altitudes and Updates on FAA Icing Research
  • Winter Survival Techniques and Emergency Situations
  • Best Practices for Putting Your Aircraft to Bed for the Winter

How to Participate

Please only use the Zoom link if you are interested in receiving WINGS credit. All other participants should use the YouTube livestream link to attend.

For more information, contact us at LiveEvents [AT] faa [DOT] gov.