June 26, 2023, Denver, CO – MyGoFlight, (www.mygoflight.com), the leading manufacturer of premium quality mounts, cases, flight bags, and accessories for aviators, has announced its acquisition of Minnesota based, Flight Flix, LLC (www.flightflix.net) a prominent and trusted provider of innovative external camera mounting solutions for aviation enthusiasts. The strategic acquisition will bolster MyGoFlight product offerings, further solidifying its position as a trusted brand in the aviation industry.

Flight Flix, LLC has built a powerful reputation in the aviation community for its innovative camera mounting solutions. Their products are known for their high-quality construction, versatility, and ability to capture stunning aerial footage. With this acquisition, MyGoFlight will gain access to Flight Flix's innovative product line, allowing the company to offer its customers a more comprehensive range of solutions and expand into other markets like motorsports.

"We are thrilled to welcome Flight Flix, LLC into the MyGoFlight family," said Dominic Martinez, President, MyGoFlight. "This acquisition aligns with our strategic vision of expanding our product portfolio and delivering exceptional solutions to aviation enthusiasts worldwide. Flight Flix's camera mounts are highly regarded in the industry, and we are excited to combine our resources and expertise to take them to even greater heights."

Brian Domareck, as CFO, played a leading role in orchestrating the financial aspects of the acquisition, ensuring a seamless integration of both companies and maximizing value for MyGoFlight and its stakeholders.

"I am honored to have played a part in the successful acquisition of Flight Flix, LLC," said Brian, "The integration of Flight Flix's innovative camera mounting solutions into MyGoFlight’s product portfolio is a testament to our commitment to providing aviators with innovative mounts and accessories.”

Tracey Schneider's visionary approach led to the realization that MyGoFlight’s expertise in mounts, cases, and flight bags could be extended beyond the aircraft's interior.

"I am incredibly proud to have played a role in the acquisition of Flight Flix, LLC," said Tracey Schneider, CMO of MyGoFlight. "Expanding our offerings to include camera mounts aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing aviators with the best accessories for their needs.”

Ryan Mohr, Founder of Flight Flix, LLC, expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisition, saying, “The sale to MyGoFlight presents an incredible opportunity to accelerate the growth of Flight Flix’s products and reach a wider audience of aviation enthusiasts.”

The acquisition of Flight Flix, LLC is a testament to MyGoFlight’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to providing aviators with the highest quality accessories and solutions. With the expanded product portfolio, customers can expect an even greater selection of camera mounting solutions designed specifically for aviation applications.

Both MyGoFlight and Flight Flix, LLC customers can look forward to continued excellence in customer service, timely delivery, and the same level of commitment to quality that they expect. The combined

strengths of these two industry leaders will pave the way for exciting developments and advancements in aviation accessories.

For more information about MyGoFlight and its products, please visit www.MyGoFlight.com.

For more information about Flight Flix, LLC, please visit www.flightflix.net.

About MyGoFlight: A leading manufacturer of premium quality mounts, cases, flight bags, and accessories for aviators. The company provides innovative, high-quality solutions that enhance the flying experience for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. With a strong focus on design, functionality, and durability, MyGoFlight products have become trusted companions for pilots worldwide.

About Flight Flix, LLC: Flight Flix is a Minnesota-based company specializing in innovative camera mounting solutions for aviation enthusiasts. With a passion for capturing incredible aerial footage, Flight Flix designs and manufactures high-quality mounts, adapters, and accessories that cater to pilots, camera operators, and photographers’ unique needs. Their reliable products provide secure and versatile options to attach cameras to aircraft, ensuring breathtaking visuals and memorable experiences in the sky.