RADIANT Technology introduces a carbon monoxide detector that takes another step forward in design and features.

CO-PRO is a graphing Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector that provides CO detection for pilots (and passengers) and allows them to easily see the change in detected CO levels. The product is designed in accordance with FAA published guidelines. An additional G-Meter feature provides a secondary analog needle style G-Meter, with maximum, minimum and continuous G values.

The CO-PRO is now shipping. More information can be found at https://www.radiantinstruments.com/co-pro-carbon-monoxide-monitor.

·         The graphing scale is engineered to FAA guidelines for strength of CO and color coding thereof. For reference, see Carbon Monoxide, a Deadly Menace (faa.gov)

·         The graphing feature allows pilots to see – easily – the change in detected CO levels.

·         The aural alarm sounds at ~41PPM.

·         The rechargeable battery gives ~6 hours of operation.


CO-PRO™ Showing CO Levels over time

For orders placed between May 15 through July 30, an extended 3- year warranty is available without charge. This warranty includes a battery replacement guarantee, and a one-time, no-cost factory recalibration. Product registration is required.


·         A secondary function of G-Meter is also included. This screen also shows CO levels and automatically reverts to the main CO graphing screen in the event of a CO event. The needle provides a shadow history as well.

Priced at $229.95 MSRP, the CO-PRO is available directly from Radiant Technology or through its distribution channels.


RADIANT Technology’s products are available on the company website and are also distributed by fine aviation distributors offering worldwide availability.