Electroair Announces Approval of its Back Up Battery Panel System Control

Electroair is pleased to announce FAA approval of STC No. SA04586CH, “Installation of the Electroair Back Up Battery Panel System Control,” which permits the installation of the Electroair EIS Back-up Battery System (EBBS) Panel in certificated aircraft in conjunction with a 12- or 24-volt TCW Technologies Integrated Battery Backup Systems (IBBS) and dual Electroair Electronic Ignition Systems (EIS).

Now, aircraft owners have an easy-to-observe, FAA-approved panel to ensure safe, effective backup power to dual EIS installations using the Electroair EIS-42000DM and EIS-62000DM. These dual EIS are designed to replace Bendix single drive, dual magneto configurations, but owners can install dual Electroair systems on any aircraft listed in the Electroair AML.




The Electroair EBBS panel allows for control of a lightweight TCW IBBS lithium-iron-phosphate battery backup. The EBBS panel has three LED status indicators, a voltmeter, and a ready/off rocker switch. The voltmeter indicates the voltage of the backup battery system. The rocker switch enables backup battery activation when the aircraft’s primary electrical system drops below the acceptable range.

Installation of this STC requires the installation of either STC No. SA02987CH or STC No. SA03286CH (the Electroair Electronic Ignition System) and TCW Technologies’ STC No. SA04400NY (Integrated Backup Battery System).

Electroair received FAA approval for the EBBS panel STC No. SA04586CH and corresponding AML on Dec. 23, 2022. The documents below detail the STC, approved models, and the flight manual supplement for the EBBS.


STC SA04586CH - http://electroair.net/pdfs/air26000.pdf


FAA Approved Model List (AML) for STC SA04586CH - http://electroair.net/pdfs/AML%20EA-26000.pdf


Airplane Flight Manual Supplement for EIS Back-up Battery System (EBBS) Panel With Existing Dual EIS and Back-up Battery Pack - http://electroair.net/pdfs/afms26000.pdf


Electroair Electronic Ignition Systems (EIS) - http://www.electroair.net/


TCW Technologies Integrated Battery Backup System (IBBS) - https://www.tcwtech.com/product/integrated-battery-back-up-system-ibbs/